Profession: Director. Arne Skouen and his films

Norwegian Film Institute Publications Series No. 8

Arne Skouen is a name that evokes associations. Since the 1930s he has worked as a journalist, author, dramatist, columnist, and of course film director. Starting in 1949 and for the next two decades he directed and wrote the screenplays for seventeen full-length films, many of which had a major influence on Norwegian film. His films include Street Kids, Fire in the Night!, Nine Lives, Cold Tracks, About Tilla, and An-Magritt. In 1991 Nine Lives was proclaimed the best Norwegian film, and it is one of the few films from Norway to be nominated for an Oscar.

In this book Linn Ullmann discusses the prominent themes, ideas, and issues in Skouen’s films. She focuses, above all, on the way in which Skouen the filmmaker explores his own vision of solidarity and community. In Skouen’s films she finds a dream of the great community - a community that includes everyone, that shuts out no one. At the same time Skouen sows doubt that such a community is possible. He warns against over-confidence, warns against the danger of fighting for a vision if it comes at the expense of other people and what is human.

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