Linn Ullmann´s national bestseller novel De urolige was published by Forlaget Oktober in Norway on November 21st 2015 to outstanding critical acclaim. For De urolige, Linn Ullmann has been nominated to the Nordic Council´s Literary Prize (Nordisk Råds Litteraturpris 2016), as well as the National Critic’s Prize (Kritikerprisen 2015), she also received the National Broadcasting’s literary prize (P2-lytternes romanpris 2015).

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The Cold Song

The Cold Song, published by Other Press

“Ullmann is very good at evoking the peculiar, charged stasis of a household in which mentally active and intellectually vital people are resolutely failing to communicate with each other—the loneliness of communality, in short. She is a very exact writer, who is unsparing of her characters: a tonic, sharp, lyrical, intelligent novelist who deserves to be better-known in English.”

James Wood, The New Yorker