Linn Ullmann´s national bestseller novel Unquiet was published by Forlaget Oktober in Norway on November 21st 2015 to outstanding critical acclaim. For Unquiet, Linn Ullmann has been nominated to the Nordic Council´s Literary Prize (Nordisk råds litteraturpris 2016), as well as the National Critic’s Prize (Kritikerprisen 2015) and The Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns International Literary Prize 2017. She also received the National Broadcasting’s literary prize (P2-lytternes romanpris 2015). In 2017 the Swedish Academy awarded Linn Ullmann with The Dobloug Prize for her entire body of work.

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New York Times profile by Wyatt Mason

“I Don’t Want My Writing to Be Charming” was published in the New York Times on January 10th
An exquisite and warm novel… Among Norway’s contemporary writers, Ullmann might be the finest sentence by sentence. Here she blasts her story into fragments and puts it back together, piece by piece, with the artistry of someone who has always secretly known the broken things are most beautiful.
[Unquiet] is written and translated with care, insight, a keen sensitivity to the value of every word, and a generous embrace of human strengths and weaknesses. I had the rare experience, as I read it, of at once admiring the way it was written and being engrossed in the story.
– TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT, Books of the Year 2018, Lydia Davis
A brilliant meditation on time, mortality, and the limits of memory… Ullmann’s prose is elegant […] sharp, and occasionally funny. But the mood of this work as a whole is elegiac. ‘Can I,’ she asks, ‘mourn people who are still alive?’ Gorgeous and heartbreaking.
– KIRKUS, Starred Review